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Our agile coaching solutions empower teams, individuals and organisations.

Why coaching?

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Enables talent in your organisation to grow

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Fosters accountability across the organisation

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Increases knowledge and proficiency in leaders

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Improves specific skills and behaviours

Dual benefits


  • Improvement in targets and goals
  • Increased openness to learning and growth
  • Identifies solutions to job-specific challenges
  • Greater ownership and accountability
  • Addresses performance challenges


  • Higher organisational performance
  • Demonstrates commitment to people development
  • Increased creativity and learning
  • Intrinsically motivated individuals
  • Facilitates the adoption of a new organisational culture/management style
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Our methodology

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Establishing coaching contact

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Current reality and ideal future

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Build a plan

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Execute the plan

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Conclude coaching engagement

contact sessions

90 minutes
per session

Face to face
or electronic

Our promise

JVR Consulting Psychologists offers superior service management to ensure your coaching experience is one of partnership and establishing a trusting relationship with clear roles and responsibilities.