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Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®- 3 (MMPI®-3)

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The new Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-3 (MMPI®-3) is an up-to-date personality assessment available for mental health, medical, forensic, and public safety settings. The test is modernized for today’s clients and provides new norms and updated items and scales. The MMPI-3 continues to build on the history and strengths of the MMPI instruments to provide an empirically validated, psychometrically relevant standard for psychological assessment.


The MMPI-3 includes the following scales:

  • Validity Scales: include content non-responsiveness, overreporting and under-reporting
  • Higher-Order (H-O) Scales: Emotional/Internalising Dysfunction, Thought Dysfunction and Behavioural/Externalising Dysfunction
  • Restructured Clinical Scales: Demoralisation, Somatic Complaints, Low Positive Emotions, Antisocial Behaviour, Ideas of Persecution, Dysfunctional Negative Emotions, Aberrant Experiences, Hypomanic Activation
    Specific Problems Scales: Somatic/Cognitive, Internalising, Externalising and Interpersonal
  • Personality Psychopathology Five (PSY-5) Scales: Aggressiveness, Psychoticism, Disconstraint, Negative Emotionality/Neuroticism, Introversion/Low Positive Emotionality


  • Assess major symptoms of social and personal maladjustment.
  • Identify appropriate treatment strategies and potential difficulties with treatment early in the assessment process.
  • Identify suitable candidates for high-risk public safety positions.
  • Support classification, treatment and management decisions in criminal justice and correctional settings.
  • Give a strong empirical foundation for a clinician’s expert testimony.
  • Assess medical patients and design effective treatment strategies, including chronic pain management.
  • Evaluate participants in substance abuse programmes and select appropriate treatment approaches.
  • Provide valuable insight for marriage and family counselling.


The following software reports are available:

  • Score Report: provides scores for all 52 scales of the test and includes a summary page to facilitate standard MMPI-3 interpretation along with customisable item-level information.
  • Interpretive Repor tfor Clinical Settings: composed of all information provided in the Score Report as well as anintegrated interpretation of scores covering a summary of the major findings, comprehensive information about potential threats to test score validity, and a description of clinical symptoms, personality characteristics, and behavioural tendencies. The interpretation continues with diagnostic possibilities indicated by test results, recommendations pertaining to treatment planning, and a list of unscorable and critical responses. Endnotes identify scores associated with each interpretive statement and a Research Reference List provides discrete publications supportingempirical-correlate-based statements.
  • Police Candidate Interpretive Report: based on police candidate outcome research, this report helps psychologists identify high-risk candidates in an efficient, evidence-based, and legally defensible way. This report includes full scoring information (as seen in the Score Report) and an integrated interpretation of scores specifically for police candidates.


JVR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research on this updated version of this established assessment

Basic info



Age range

Individuals 18 years and older

Administration time

25-50 minutes (335 items)

Comparison group


Language availability

English, Spanish

Scoring options

JVR Client Services/Hand-scorable

Integrated report options


Additional info

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