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Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory - IV (MCMI® - IV)

Clinical | Educational | Psychopathology | Clinical Diagnosis

Anchored in Dr Theodore Millon’s time-honoured personality theory, the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV (MCMI-IV) provides helpful clinical insights into a patient’s personality that allow clinicians to make reliable diagnostic-and treatment decisions.

The MCMI-IV offers updated norms that are based on a clinical adult population, a new scale,DSM-5 andICD-10-CMalignment, updated narrative content and a new and deeper therapeutic focus.The brevity of the MCMI-IV allows clinicians to maintain an efficient and productive clinical practice.

The MCMI-IV has the following benefits:

  • Full normative update, more closely representing the current clinical adult population
  • Supported by more than 35 years of research
  • New Turbulent scale, providing deeper understanding of those patients presenting with this unbridled personality type
  • New and updated test items characterising the evolution of Dr Millon’s personality theory, refreshed to increase clarity and clinical relevance
  • New and improved narrative content that better integrates results with therapeutic practice and links to personalised treatment
  • Updated Grossman Facet Scales

The MCMI-IV also introduces a Spectrum of Personality Patterns. The MCMI-IV overtly conceptualises personality patterns on a new continuum, or spectrum, ranging from adaptive to maladaptive levels of functioning. The MCMI-IV personality patterns, or scale spectrums, capture the patient’s broad range of personality by way of three levels of personality functioning:

  • Normal Style: Generally adaptive personality patterns
  • Abnormal Traits/Type: Moderately maladaptive personality attributes
  • Clinical Disorder: Likelihood of greater personality dysfunction


The MCMI-IV consists of a total of 25 scales providing insight into 15 personality disorders, 10 clinical syndromes and the Grossman Facet Scales. The following scales are included in the MCMI-IV:

15 Personality Disorder Scales

Clinical Personality Patterns

  • 1 Schizoid (AASchd)
  • 2A Avoidant (SRAvoid)
  • 2B Melancholic (DFMelan)
  • 3 Dependent (DADepn)
  • 4A Histrionic (SPHistr)
  • 4B Turbulent (EETurbu)
  • 5 Narcissistic (CENarc)
  • 6A Antisocial (ADAntis)
  • 6B Sadistic (ADSadis)
  • 7 Compulsive (RCComp)
  • 8A Negativistic (DRNegat)
  • 8B Masochistic (AAMasoc)

Severe Personality Pathology

  • S Schizotypal (ESSchizoph)
  • C Borderline (UBCycloph)
  • P Paranoid (MPParaph)

10 Clinical Syndrome Scales

Clinical Syndrome

  • A Generalized Anxiety (GENanx)
  • H Somatic Symptom (SOMsym)
  • N Bipolar Spectrum (BIPspe)
  • D Persistent Depression (PERdep)
  • B Alcohol Use (ALCuse)
  • T Drug Use (DRGuse)
  • R Post-Traumatic Stress (P-Tstr)

Severe Clinical Syndromes

  • SS Schizophrenic Spectrum (SCHspe)
  • CC Major Depression (MAJdep)
  • PP Delusional (DELdis)

Modifying Indices

  • X -Disclosure
  • Y -Desirability
  • Z –Debasement

Random Response Indicators

  • V –Invalidity
  • W –Inconsistency


The MCMI-IV can be used for the following purposes:

The MCMI-IV was specifically designed to facilitate the therapeutic plans of the clinician. The MCMI-IV enables the integration of test results with therapeutic practice. The improved Treatment Guide section of the interpretive report helps you make a connection with the patient right from the beginning.


The MCMI IV has following software reports available:

  • Profile Report: Provides a graphic representation of base rate scores for all scales including the Grossman Facet Scales. This report can help to quickly identify clients who may require more intensive evaluation.
  • Interpretive Report: Provides an in-depth analysis of personality and symptom dynamics. Written with a therapeutic focus, the interpretive report provides the clinician with a foundation upon which treatment plans can readily be made and includes action-oriented suggestions for therapeutic management.


JVR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research. Please feel welcome to contact us should you consider using this assessment for research purposes.

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Age range

Individuals 18 years and older

Administration time

25-30 minutes (195 items)

Comparison group


Language availability

English and Spanish

Scoring options

Data capturing by Client Services

Integrated report options


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