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Motives, Values & Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

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The Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI) describes personality from the inside-the core goals, values, drivers, and interests that determine what we desire and strive to attain. By assessing values, you can understand what motivates candidates to succeed, and in what type of position, job, and environment they will be the most productive.


The MVPI includes the following scales:

  • Recognition: Wanting to be known, recognised, and appreciated
  • Power: Wanting to be in control, to succeed, and create a legacy
  • Hedonism: Wanting fun, variety, excitement, and pleasure
  • Altruistic: Wanting to help, serve, and encourage others
  • Affiliation: Wanting frequent and varied social contact
  • Tradition: Believing in personal customs, duty, hard work, and respect for authority
  • Security: Need for predictability, structure and order
  • Commerce: Interest in money, profits, investment, and business opportunities
  • Aesthetics: Need for self-expression, wanting to infuse quality into the look, feel and design of work products
  • Science: Enjoys research, interested in technology, and prefers data-based decisions


The MVPI predicts optimal job performance by assessing core values and therefore provides useful insights for both recruitment and selection as well as individual development initiatives.


The MVPI has the following software reports available, some of which form part of packages where the HPI, HDS and MVPI need to be completed depending on the report option required:

  • Data report: provides numerical scores for the primary scales.
  • Graph report: provides scores for primary scales in a graphical format.
  • Flash report: designed for use by a coach or user with expertise to interpret based on numbers alone, no interpretive narrative is included
  • Insights report: notes core values, providing discussion points for developmental feedback
  • MVPI Values report: explores the core values and goals that ultimately drive a leader’s behaviour, aspirations, and expectations about life
  • MVPI Compass report: outlines the occupational significance of core values and determines what kind of jobs, environments and people will make the candidate most comfortable, effective and driven
  • Configure report: aids determining key attributes, qualities and skills to accurately evaluate potential talent
  • Hogan Basis: provides a hiring recommendation, behavioural interview guide, and systematic method using a combination of the assessment and interview results.
  • Coaching report: a self-guided, comprehensive development-planning toolfor individual leadership development
  • Engaging Leader report: describes four key competencies of engagement paired to personality scales
  • Hogan Leader Focus: provides information on leadership behaviour across six areas of leadership and suggests tips and possible biases which can further assist the candidate in their development efforts.
  • Summary report: provides an overview of a participant’s strengths, challenges and values, therefore integrating results across the HPI, HDS and MVPI.
  • Hogan Team report: provides information on team roles, team culture, team derailers as well as individual scores to serve as a tool that may facilitate team performance


South African norms are available for the MVPI using candidates from the corporate environment in South Africa. The psychometric properties of the instrumenthave been investigated and numerous local criterion-referenced studies have been completed. Furthermore, JVR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research using the MVPI in their organisations.

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Age range

Individuals 18 years and older

Administration time

15-20 minutes

Comparison group

Global and SA Norms

Language availability

English and multiple languages

Scoring options

User Portal/JvR Online/Data-capturing by Client Services

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