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Competency Assessment Series ® Version 3 (CAS V3)

Work | Simulations and Competency-Based Assessments | Administrative Roles | Leadership and Managerial Roles | Sales and Customer Service

The Competency Assessment Series (CAS), now in its third version, provides a range of uniquely South African assessment centre exercises, underpinned by a new cutting edge competency model. The third version boasts a number of improvements, including an updated CAS Competency Model with a strongly supported meta-model, guardrails to assist with scoring, the use of Trait Activation Theory (TAT), as well as the introduction of a number of electronic in-baskets. All the exercises are job-relevant and assess current as well as future potential. There is a wide range of exercises to suit different group sizes, purposes, levels and competencies.


The CAS range currently consists of the following types of exercises:

  • In-basket Exercises
  • Leaderless Group Discussions
  • Strategy Presentation Exercises
  • Role-play Exercises
  • Case Studies


The CAS can be used for the following purposes:

  • Career development
  • Selection
  • Coaching and/or mentoring
  • Performance management
  • Assessment and Development centres
  • The identification of management/leadership potential
  • Identify behavioural competencies needed for a specific job
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the candidates’ behavioural competencies
  • Provide job-relevant information to supplement that which was gathered with traditional psychometric tools
  • Determine the participants’ strengths and development areas


The CAS has the following software reports available:

  • CAS Comprehensive Report: Once the practitioner has scored the exercise, the scoredcandidate’s key strengths and development areas can be sent to JVR’s Client Services to generate an interpretive report. This report is currently only available for MetroBank Operations Manager In-Basket and MagnaChrome In-Basket.


The CAS is a South African developed product, with South African research available. JVR Psychometrics welcomes any opportunity to partner with clients to add to the research available for this product.

Basic info



Age range

Various levels of employees (depending on the exercises selected)

Administration time

30 minutes - 2 hours depending on the exercise

Comparison group

SA Norms

Language availability


Scoring options

Hand-scoring/E-basket (Client Services)

Integrated report options


Additional info

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