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JVR Psychometrics

We’re here to help HR and psychology professionals provide better insights to their clients through the use of psychometric assessments and people analytics.

Trusted by

HR directors, Learning and Development managers, Assessment directors, Researchers, Educational Psychologists, Clinicians and other assessment users.

From an entrepreneurial business established in 1993, we've grown company has grown to a well-known brand amongst psychologists, psychometrists, and human resource practitioners in Sub-Saharan Africa.

JVR Psychometrics distributes only the very best psychometric assessments available nationally and internationally. Much energy goes into the identification, development, research, and marketing of outstanding South African assessments. Our excellent range of internationally developed assessments also represent the very best of what is internationally used. The owners and suppliers, like us, have a strong focus on standards, best practices, and research. By the time an assessment is therefore distributed by us, it has undergone intense scientific scrutiny to ensure local compliance, cultural appropriateness, and scientific integrity. As a distributor, developer, and publisher of assessments, we take pride in ensuring compliance and safety for all clients who find value in their use of these assessments.

Over more than two decades we have built an excellent range of assessments useful to clients working in corporate, educational, and clinical contexts, and will continue to bring modern forms of evaluation required by younger generations in a new and challenging 21st century work context.

It is however essential that the assessments and their results provide ongoing value to clients. In this regard we are continuously helping our clients to use their existing data and make sense of the trends and related results.

Why work with us?

  • Higher levels of job performance and engagement through better staffing and development decisions
  • Better information on which to base interventions and processes
  • Higher levels of self awareness among staff – a basic requirement of effective teams, managers and leaders
  • Risk management in key positions with regards to, for instance, integrity or impulsivity
  • Reduced employee turnover
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