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Optimize Your Strengths book launch

22 April 2016

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    Optimize Your Strengths book launch
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The ultimate guide for time-poor leaders looking to ensure their managers and teams achieve peak performance. Written by James Brook and Dr Paul Brewerton, joint founders of Strengths Partnership, Optimize Your Strengths is a fast-paced book that enables managers, leaders, and executives to discover their own core strengths, and learn how to bring out the best in their teams. The compelling narrative follows the story of a leader who moves from a self-limiting and draining deficit-focused approach to a more energizing, powerful method based on strengths, solutions, and possibilities. Included in the book: a practical toolbox of step-by-step models that leaders can follow to identify and maximise strengths, improve weaknesses, and inspire their teams.

“Authors James Brook and Paul Brewerton have amassed a trove of ideas, insights and tools to guide the reader towards those areas of passion in their life, that will not only bring them greater personal satisfaction in their jobs, but also enable them to have greater impact at work, and ultimately in other areas of their life.” - Stuart Crabb, director of learning at Facebook “With this fast-paced guide, we hope to provide the means for managers and executives at every level to uncover, and utilise, both their strengths and those of their teams. By optimizing organizational ability and embracing a more positive approach, leaders can inspire those around them to reach their full potential.” - James Brook and Dr Paul Brewerton, Joint MDs, Strengths Partnership

About Strengths Partnership Strengths Partnership is a global leader in strengths-based business psychology and leadership development dedicated to helping organizations deliver positive workplaces and peak performance. With over 10 years experience of delivering success through strengths-based solutions, our work focuses on five areas: Leadership Development, Organization Development, Team Development, Talent Assessment and Strengths Coaching. For more information visit www.strengthspartnership.com To order Optimize Your Strengths visit Amazon.

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