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JVR Africa Group welcomes a new member to the family - with a focus on technology

18 August 2022

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    JVR Africa Group welcomes a new member to the family - with a focus on technology
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The JVR Africa Group is excited to welcome a new member - JVR Solutions as the most recent independent business unit in our Group of companies.

Over the 3 decades, since our establishment in 1993, the JVR Africa Group has become known for the quality of our assessments, our research, as well as our training, youth development, facilitation and extensive corporate consulting services.

Each individual JVR business creates focus, ownership, as well as speed and agility, when dealing with market and client requirements.
In this regard technology has become exceptionally important and a non-negotiable strategic priority.

JVR Solutions was established on the 1st of June 2022, with the specific aim to build the JVR IT capability supporting and enabling our vision of “Psychology scaled to benefit all”.

JVR Solutions currently consists of 16 individuals with experience and expertise in, amongst other: IT Strategy, Innovation, Software Engineering, Business Analytics, Data Science and Business Intelligence, Solutions Design, User eXprience, as well as exceptional IT Enablement for collaboration and support services.

The Board includes:

Elouise Beukes, Managing Director. After achieving a BSc degree in Computer Science and Economics Elouise has built an impressive career in both the IT, Governance, Innovation and Management Consulting fields.

Louise de Beer, Director: Software Engineering. Louise has used her qualification in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics to specialise in software development, innovative systems development, and data science. She has recently been included in the list of the Global Top 100 Data Visionaries.

Dr Nicola Taylor, Director: IT Enablement. Nicola is well known and highly respected for her research work in Psychology and adds her understanding of this subject field to the JVR Solutions Team ensuring that the JVR IT infrastructure and architecture of information complies to all national and international standards, best practice and relevant legislation.

The JVR Solutions team has already achieved significant goals, some of which include:

  • A successful migration to Azure.
  • Comprehensive roadmaps and priorities, based on the architecture of the JVR systems and the demands of the clients of JVR.
  • Established policies and implementation processes to ensure continued compliance with legislation, international standards, and best practices.
  • Good progress in breaking up legacy systems into modern micro-services.

The ultimate purpose of establishing JVR Solutions is to ensure a dedicated focus by an experienced team on the needs of our clients when using the JVR products and services. We will continue to keep you updated and always welcome your feedback.

For more information, please contact us on +27(0) 11 781 3705/6/7 or send an email to

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