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Garos Sexual Behaviour Inventory (GSBI)

Clinical | Psychopathology | Clinical Diagnosis

The GSBI measures sexual adjustment and behaviour in people with varying degrees of psychopathology. It helps clinicians detect disorders of sexual frequency and control – what are commonly referred to as “deviant”, “impulsive”, “compulsive” or “addictive” sexual behaviours.


The GSBI includes both Main Scales and Masking Scales, as well as an Inconsistent Responding Index. Items on the Main Scales ask more about atypical behaviours:

  • Discordance: Overall sexual adjustment; shame, fear, or internal conflict about sexual interests and behaviours.
  • Sexual Obsession: Preoccupation with sex and sexual stimuli.
  • Permissiveness: Attitudes and values about sex; conservative or unconventional.
  • Sexual Stimulation: Level of comfort with sexual stimulation or arousal.

The Masking Scale items focus on relatively common sexual difficulties, making Main Scales less obvious to the test taker (allowing for less defensive responding):

  • Sexual Control Difficulties.
  • Sexual Excitability.
  • Sexual Insecurity.


  • Forensic settings: identifying in mates with potentially deviant sexual interests
  • Couples/marriage counselling: uncovering differences in sexual values, feelings and comfort levels.
  • Clinical groups: those with sexual difficulties, such as individuals with drug or alcohol problems, those with sexual addictions, and victims of sexual abuse and those diagnosed with eating disorders.


The GSBI is hand-scored and generates T-scores, making cross-scale comparisons easier.


Although South African research and norms are not yet available for the GSBI, JvR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research studies in their organisations.

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Age range

Individuals ages 18 years and older

Administration time

20 - 30 minutes

Comparison group

Global norms

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