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Employee motivation in a hybrid workplace

9 June 2023

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    Employee motivation in a hybrid workplace
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Author: Pakeezah Rajab


Client need: 

A company in the professional services industry presented a need to identify their employees’ performance drivers, two years after changing to a hybrid work model. The assessments used had to fit into the company’s employee wellness initiative, and the results were used for both individual professional development as well as by management to assess whether there was a shift in company culture given the decline in in-person office interactions. As such, JVR Psychometrics was approached to suggest an assessment that would meet the needs of the client, whilst providing feedback that was easy to understand across business levels. 


All employees (n=59) completed the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) which highlighted to individuals and management what interests them and drives their performance at work. Higher MVPI scores indicate what aspects of the role make the individual more likely to engage and enjoy working and delivering quality outputs. De-identified group results were first presented during a company learning session, where the model of the MVPI was also introduced, and employees could then request feedback on their individual results. Leadership results were also presented separately to identify how management could potentially adapt their styles to further support their teams to perform optimally. 


The group results established that Aesthetics, Security, and Science were the three highest drivers across the organisation, suggesting that employees appreciate being able to work with visually appealing products and platforms, generally prefer working according to their established procedures and routines, and take interest in staying up to date with industry trends and solving client problems with researched solutions. While the drive to provide scientifically proven and high-touch services may provide this organisation with a competitive advantage in some instances, and with a high focus on both data-driven solutions and friendly user experience, some may perceive this organisation to react at a slower pace to industry trends. Overall, the leadership team scored higher across nine of the 10 MVPI scales (with Tradition being the exception) when compared to the non-management employees, implying that this team likely encourages and positively models the values they want to see in their employees. 


The insights provided by the MVPI assisted the organisation in better understanding their employees’ motivators, which were aligned with the company’s established culture and values. The exercise further aided management in planning how to maintain engagement and performance levels within the hybrid environment. 

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