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The CoVaQ Culture is a South African developed tool that provides a values framework with which you can assist companies to determine their underlying values culture and address gaps that may occur when there is a misalignment of values.

In this training, we will provide you with more information about how the CoVaQ was developed, what scales are included in the values framework and how you can use it to assist companies with moving towards value alignment.

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Programme Outline:

  • Module 1: Introduction and orientation
  • Module 2: Development of the CoVaQ Culture
  • Module 3: Overview of the scales
  • Module 4: Theoretical model
  • Module 5: Value gaps
  • Module 6: Administration process
  • Module 7: Mapping existing values to the CoVaQ framework
  • Module 8: Familiarise yourself with the different report options
  • Module 9: Exploring the report
  • Module 10: Moving towards value alignment

Estimated time of completion: 3 hours

Cost: R 619.08 (incl. VAT)

What you get:

  • Access to the eLearning course
  • User guide (electronic)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 4 CPDs